Who’s that girl?

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My name is Ayo Awotona—also known as aaayyoooooo! I'm a very energetic young woman who is highly engaging, relatable, creative, forward-thinking and have such a passion for life! I'm a firm believer that we are all great and greatness lives within us, so we must do our part to walk in that greatness daily.

I’m also a self-taught Spanish speaker because I think Spanish is such a beautiful language! You can catch a glimpse of me speaking in El Salvador here:

I’m pleased to introduce myself as an author, renowned international speaker and educator who specialises in confidence building for girls and young women. However, this hasn't always been the case...

 Growing up, I struggled with low self-esteem and never knew who I was as an individual. I craved attention and validation from others. I was someone who appeared rather 'tough' and 'confident' on the outside, but behind closed doors, I would often question the purpose of my life and wanted it to end on a regular basis.

Thankfully, after many years, I was able to get out of that dark place. I started teaching myself how to be confident and realised that the key to being confident was learning to trust myself and believe in my own ability. I had to realise that I didn't need to compare myself to anyone else!

Fun fact about me…

I love to dance. Especially to Afrobeats! (African music)

“She is a breath of fresh air in her positive, optimistic & upbeat outlook on life.”



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Uplifting and empowering girls and young women to embrace who they really are and be confident in their own skin.