About Ayo Awotona

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Ayo Awotona is a creative, very joyful spirit and someone who has a deep hunger to develop herself in such a way that physically can’t be measured. An example showcasing her dedication to self-development is her taking it upon herself to learn Spanish (the second/third most spoken language in the world!). Ayo is a self-taught Spanish speaker. You can catch a glimpse of her speaking below:

Today, Ayo Awotona is an energetic and down to earth International Speaker, Presenter and Mentor with a powerful message. However, this hasn't always been the case...

 Growing up, Ayo struggled with low self-esteem and never knew who she was as an individual, so she craved attention and validation from others. She was someone who appeared rather 'tough' and 'confident' on the outside, but behind closed doors, she would often question the purpose of her life and wanted it to end on a regular basis.

Thankfully, after many years, she was able to get out of that dark place. She started teaching herself how to be confident and realised that the key to being confident was learning to trust herself and believe in her own ability. She had to realise that she didn't need to compare herself to anyone else!

As a result of her journey thus far, Ayo has now spoken to thousands of individuals across the world focusing primarily on growth mind-set and confidence building. She's on a serious mission to empower many other girls and young women across the globe to be more confident, find their self worth and have a better quality of life.

There are still millions of females who don't realise the power they have within themselves. Therefore, Ayo's aim is to uplift, empower, educate and let individuals know that we are great and greatness lives within each and every one of us!

Fun Fact About Ayo…

She loves to dance. Especially to Afrobeats! (African music)