In every engagement, workshop, one-to-one coaching session, or motivational event, we commit to planting the necessary seeds to meet the unique needs of all of our clients.

Both standard and bespoke services are available to cater to a range of age groups using various strategies.




This is a 6-week interactive programme called 'I Am Enough' which is for building the confidence and academic motivation amongst girls. With an increasing number of girls struggling with their self-esteem, a number of challenges are arising. E.g. body image issues, anxiety, peer pressure, bullying and a lot more. This programme raises aspirations, boosts self-confidence and provides practical solutions on how to create a more positive mindset.

Would you like a brochure which outlines the topics covered and learning outcomes for the girls?



The mission is to help girls and young women develop the strategies, motivation and mindset required to succeed in their educational, working and/or personal lives. Ayo's talks/assemblies set the tone for growth mindset, and are delivered with high energy and a powerful message that participants can truly gain value from. 




Our interactive workshops get participants fully involved in the learning process. There are group discussions, activities and exercises, as well as opportunities to practice applying the concepts that are presented. They consist of smaller groups where the concentration will be custom fitted to your prerequisites. 


“We would recommend Ayo to anyone interested in promoting a positive, happy and successful culture!”

- Anita Ghidotti, Chief Executive at Pendle Education Trust

We work closely with teachers and school leaders in order to add significant value to their own personal development. This often includes topics such as practical strategies that can be used to empower students to be more confident and staff motivation to keep on going and remember why they do the work they do.